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Church Mice

Christian Based Music Group

Church Room, All Saints Church, Great Chesterford

Wednesdays in term time 2:15 - 3:00

There is no charge.

Come along and sing, dance and play
All pre-schoolers welcome
For more information: Annabel Fernall 531307

 Church Mice is a fun, relaxed and interactive musical experience for your children, and it is free!  The venue in The Church Room, All Saints Church provides a cosy, carpeted, family friendly environment which is separately heated.

 It is a brilliant opportunity to introduce your children to live music which is Christian-based, ranging from the accordion, guitar, flute and piano, and have an opportunity to play percussion instruments alongside them, and dance.

 Church Mice often have an opportunity sing in the family services at Church too, though there is no commitment to this.

  We look forward to seeing even more Church Mice there!



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