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Community Safety
Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch Crime Reduction Advice
Neighbourhood Watch
Neighbourhood Watch is the biggest and most successful Crime Prevention initiative in the UK. Behind it lies the simple idea, that standing together makes communities stronger in the face of crime. This central value is shared by millions of people around the country.

Neighbourhood Watch is not just concerned with reducing crime figures - it's about helping to create communities that care. Neighbourhood Watch Schemes can:

  • Cut crime and the opportunities for crime
  • Advise on how to protect yourself and your property
  • Help and reassure those who live in fear of crime
  • Encourage neighbourliness and closer communities
  • Assist in protecting the vulnerable against crimes and hard selling.

If you are interested in becoming involved in a Neighbourhood Watch scheme, please contact:

Amanda Crawley (Temporary Uttlesford Watch Administrator)
Saffron Walden Police Station, East Street, Saffron Walden, CB10 1LX
Telephone: 101 extn: 395388


Neighbourhood policing teams
Police Fraud Advice
Protect your Catalytic Convertor - Further Information

Audible Intruder Alarm Notification

Do you have a burglar alarm?


If the alarm started ringing continuously whilst you were away on holiday would your neighbours know who to contact to turn it off?


Every year the Environmental Health Department gets noise complaints concerning misfiring burglar alarms disturbing the surrounding neighbourhood especially over the summer holiday period, and if the key holders canít be found then itís a trip to the Magistrates Court to obtain a warrant and a visit with a locksmith to break in a turn it off, and all at the owners expense.


So donít come home from holiday to an expensive bill and a street full of disgruntled neighbours, pick up a Notification Form today and let your neighbourhood sleep in peace.


Mobile Police Unit dates and Police Contact Details


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